About Aaron Holloway
A. David Holloway is a photographic artist, born 1981. Holloway is originally from Brisbane, Australia. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Holloway began studying photography in high school and has loved being behind the camera ever since. He furthered his study at the Bayside Technical College, and then the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University, where he graduated in 2010.

He has had exhibitions in various locations, including his first exhibition at Brisbane Powerhouse, a major arts centre in Brisbane, Australia. he has also had several exhibitions in Berlin, Bremen, London, Paris and New York.

He is part of the prideART artists collective in Berlin, who celebrated their (online due to the shutdown) opening in March 2020 with the exhibition Intersectional. Holloway participated in the exhibition as an artist, gallery assistant, videographer, and presenter.